Transport Company Juhani Tuominen Ltd.
Company engaged in mechanized logging and related transport, timber transport on the remote.
Transpors Company Juhani Tuominen Ltd provides advanced logging and transportation services that meet the requirements of the market, as well as the quality of the efficiency. The company carries out all the wood and energy supply logistics phases independently from customers under terms of reference. Our values ​​are customer focus, networking, profitability and growth.
In all activities, we take care of the environment, water, air and soil protection. We strive to conserve natural resources for the use of environmentally safe list of transportation equipment effectively and taking care of our staff environmental awareness and education. In order for the company to meet the set standards of quality and environmental requirements have been drafted for the quality manual.





Juhani Tuominen continued to operate one car taking care of timber and earth-movingtransport



The company moved only timber transport

Maintenance facility was completed in 1981 vuosi70

Company registered with the trade register a limited partnership in 1982.


1988 end of the year became involved in timber harvesting equipment Valmet 901 and 919 Lokomo koneketju


Operations were extended to 1989

Timber harvesting operations were expanded in 1989 by acquiring a local company winding and multi-forwarder. The employees were transferred to the trade involved. Operation of the enlargement of the company was converted into a limited company.
The very nature of the family business in that it combines the family, ownership and business. Our family business strengths are the strong commitment and innovation, sustainability,adaptability
, quality, quick decision-making ability, and responsibility, and . Family business, family business and ownership are closely linked to each other.


Second forwarder


Oriveden Entrepreneurs Association's Entrepreneur of the Year award 1991


1991 Second harvester


1997 Third forwarder and timber truck 90lkalustoa
                                                                           A new maintenance hangar and office space, 2002. With good maintenance garage is accessible from a central location. The hall is equipped with modern and hoist the help of many maintenance and repairs are handled naturally. halli

2003 Metsäliitto area entrepreneur


2006 the contract of carriage with Versowood  
2008 harvesting agreement with Metsähallitus  
2008 Transport contract with UPM  




Transport Company Juhani Tuominen Ltd
Mailing address: Tikkaajantie 4, FIN-35300 Orivesi, Finland
Maintenance workshops: Tikkaajantie 4, FIN-35300 Orivesi, Finland

Jarkko Tuominen tel. +358 400 951 926